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Clean Water People

Whether you're up for a challenge, or just socialising with your friends and colleagues -there's a Just a Drop event for everyone. Get involved and join us in bringing clean, safe water to all.

Clean water empowers women and whole communities

Clean water, sanitation facilities and hygiene practices, such as handwashing, change everything...

The whole community has better health. Children no longer die from preventable diseases caused by dirty water and a lack of sanitation. Women and children no longer have to make long and dangerous journeys to the nearest source. Instead, children can spend more time in school, and women can spend time working to generate an income.

With a stable source of water in the community, food security is increased, as families can grow crops and sell the excess. Communities have better health, more stable food sources, more income and increased prosperity. They can begin to lift themselves out of the poverty trap.

Water is the beginning of the journey out of poverty... which leads to better health, increased prospects and brighter futures.